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Artist Carlos Ciriza has created six unique Limited Edition designs for Berezko Patxarana

The Limited Edition ‘The Taste of Colour’ comprises six collectable pieces made by this Navarran artist especially for Berezko

The Berezko bottles, just as if they were a canvas, were illustrated at the hand of painter and sculptor Carlos Ciriza in the creation of ‘The Taste of Colour’, our Special Edition Patxaran. The six miniature works of art perfectly embody the nature of this Navarran liqueur; its fruits (sloes), intense colour and process of elaboration.

This masterpiece, which will allure lovers of art and gastronomy alike, takes its inspiration from the essence of Berezko, each image reflecting the origin, nature, colour and taste of our vintage Patxaran, made with 100% Navarran sloes, using subtle blends of red tones and velvet textures.

Carlos Ciriza, a painter and sculptor hailing from Estella, Navarra, was chosen to create the six collectable designs for this patxaran, not only for his renowned talent, but also because there is nobody better to depict the history and tradition of the very birthplace of Berezko Patxarana. His career reveals an ongoing search for the infinite outcomes obtainable through materials, colour, volume, space and balance. Keeping a close relationship with nature, poetry and music, he draws his ispiration primarily from his thoughts, emotions and personal experiences. He is currently working on a number of different projects and monuments in Mexico, the United States and Germany.

With this collaboration, Carlos Ciriza invites us to look from the heart, from the soul, and from our memory. Our “inner” eyes allow us to see further, the shapes and materials giving way to deeper aesthetic experiences.

The Limited Edition Carlos Ciriza expresses the deepest emotions contained within this exceptional patxaran, alongside those of the artist himself. Its warm palate brings us closer to the people of the land, as well as its artistic heritage, landscape and choice cuisine.

The range of colours of the six designs are based on the varying shades of sloe, and that the patxaran itself once bottled and ready to be savoured.

The first vintage patxaran

Berezko Patxarana embodies what is ours, what is natural, and what defines us. It is a unique and personal patxaran, nurturing the finer details to accomplish limitless expression.


Its elaboration process involves the selection of the best sloes that reflect the characteristics of each year. Berezko is best defined as the first vintage patxaran on the market, with all the style of a signature wine.


The careful selection of 100% Navarran sloes, together with their meticulous process of elaboration and their slow, traditional maceration, is what gives Berezko Patxarana its special aroma and palate, full of character and nuances.

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