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The winemaking projects of the Zamora Company in the DOCa. Rioja, DO Rueda, DO Rías Baixas and the DO Ribera del Duero appellations have once again won the backing of the national critics by achieving their highest scores in the Guía Proensa 2021 and Guía Gourmets 2021.

Guía Proensa 2021

Andrés Proensa, the renowned writer on gastronomy, is the man behind a guide which is now publishing its nineteenth edition. Of the more than 3,000 wines tasted, only 7 have manged to earn a place on the coveted podium of those with 100 points, one of them being Lalomba Finca Valhonta 2017. A straight new entry at the very top of this guide, in the same year it was launched in the market.

Guía Gourmets 2021

The Guía Gourmets for its part, the doyen of the wine sector publications since 1983, has managed to taste blind over 3,700 wines and has listed a total of 1,112 bodegas, including 204 specialist stores, in this thirty-sixth edition. With a tasting panel consisting of prestigious oenologists, sommeliers, critics and practising wine tasters, it is one of the most thorough guides at national level.

The results of the Zamora Company wine division in these 2021 editions of both guides continue to show the healthy progress of the group’s winemaking projects, as well as its position as leaders in the production of wines within its competitive range.



Lalomba has launched its wines onto the market and has immediately received scores which place them among the Top wines in Spain, leading the points scores of the Zamora Company and showcasing the delicacy and personality of its terroir wines.

Lalomba Finca Valhonta 2017’ obtains 100 points in the Guía Proensa, forming part of the 7 best Spanish wines for this publication, Gourmets for its part awards it 95 points.  ‘Lalomba Finca Ladero 2016’ has achieved an excellent result: 97 points in Gourmets and 99 points in Proensa.

Lalomba Finca Lalinde Rosado again this year earns the accolade of best Rioja Rosé wine with 95 and 94 points respectively in Proensa and Gourmets.



All the references of Ramón Bilbao wines available on the market received more than 90 points in both the Guía Proensa 2021 and the Guía Gourmets 2021.

Mirto 2015’ heads the Ramón Bilbao ranking with 99 and 98 points (Proensa and Gourmets) placing it among the best wines from Spain.

Among the classic wines from Bodega Ramón Bilbao, `Ramón Bilbao Crianza 2018´ obtains 90 points in both guides. `Ramón Bilbao Reserva 2015´ receives 91 points in Proensa and 92 points in Gourmets and `Ramón Bilbao Gran Reserva 2012´ heads the group of classic wines with 96 points in Proensa and 94 in Gourmets.

Worth special mention is the `Ramón Bilbao Edición Limitada 2018 ́ with 94 points in Proensa. `Ramón Bilbao Viñedos de Altura 2018´ is awarded 92 points and `Ramón Bilbao Reserva Original 43 2015 ́ 93 points, in both Proensa and Gourmets.

Límite Norte y Límite Sur

This year the new wines from the Ramón Bilbao bodega make their debut in the Guía Proensa,   ‘Ramón Bilbao Límite Sur 2017’ with 97 points, and  ‘Ramón Bilbao Límite Norte 2017’ with 91 points.

Ramón Bilbao Rueda continues to receive solid recognition with 93 points from Proensa for `Ramón Bilbao Verdejo 2019´ and 92 points in Gourmets for `Ramón Bilbao Sauvignon Blanc 2019´. `Ramón Bilbao Edición Limitada Lías 2018´ receives 95 points in Proensa and 92 in Gourmets.



The ‘Mar de Frades Godello Atlántico 2018’ vintage is awarded 95 points in Proensa and 94 in Gourmets while Mar de Frades Albariño 2019’  achieves 90 points in Proensa and 91 in Gourmets.

Mar de Frades Finca Valiñas 2016’ rounds off the presence of the Mar de Frades wine division in the Guía Proensa with 96 points and in the Guía Gourmets scores 95 points. An albariño for laying down, a complex and intense wine which expresses the purest character of the vineyard which bears its name in the Valle del Salnés and is already part of the Olympus of the wines from the DO Rías Baixas appellation.



Finca Los Hoyales 2016′ continues to feature in the leading group of the best wines from the DO Ribera del Duero with 97 points according to Proensa and 94 according to Gourmets.

Cruz de Alba Crianza 2018’ and ‘Cruz de Alba Reserva 2015’ stand out in Proensa with 96 and 95 points respectively and in Gourmets 90 and 93 points.

In addition, the Bodega’s new wine ‘Lucero 2018 Roble’ is awarded 90 points in Proensa with its first vintage.


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