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Lalomba is the essence of a vineyard’s purity.  A collection of three wines from three plots, each with its own personality, which Ramón Bilbao carefully cultivates in different plots in Rioja: Finca Valhonta on the terraces of Villalba de Rioja, Rioja Alta; and Finca Ladero and Finca Lalinde on the stark slopes of the Sierra de Yerga in Rioja Oriental.

These are three extraordinary landscapes which we have learned to understand, respect and interpret.  So much so that we took the adventurous step of bottling their wines separately in order to showcase their exceptional character.  These wines are the sum of the soils and the microclimates; they are the landscape and the altitude; they are traditional and sustainable viticulture.  We know we are fortunate to have been able to interpret and preserve what we see, smell and feel every day.

The exact expression of specific vineyard plots

The launch of Lalomba springs from a vision: to make wines that are authentic and totally reflect their origins.  And it is the partnership between vineyards and winery that makes this possible: a relationship of vital importance.


Knowledge from experimentation and innovation

Situated in Haro in La Rioja, the Lalomba winery is a purpose-built facility.  It is located next door to Ramón Bilbao, but it has its own personality and its own team and is completely independent of its parent company.  The winery is a workshop of precision and knowledge; we are ceaseless in our pursuit of the purity and distinction of these fascinating vineyards.

The winery has been equipped with all the technical resources we need to achieve this perfect expression of the character of the vineyard, the varieties and the vintage.  The unlined, rough concrete vats are notable: made in the Veneto region of Italy, they have a truly unique shape which has been designed exclusively for Lalomba.  After much research and experimentation, we knew that these were the perfect vats to bring out the true character of the terroir, to give the wines their identity.

Complementing the concrete is a strict selection of oak barrels: they are from the quercus petraea species from Hungary and France, and they give great complexity and cellaring potential to the Lalomba wines.

Another feature that sets us apart from the crowd is that after malolactic fermentation and cask ageing, the wines are returned to our concrete vats to complete their process of rounding and refining.

The purity of a vineyard

From our understanding of our terroir, our use of precision viticulture, our sophisticated and meticulous work in the cellar, our expertise and experienced hands… from all this we have obtained wines which are the living proof of authenticity and harmony.  The name of purity itself: Lalomba.


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