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The world’s most awarded super premium gin brand Martin Miller’s Gin today announces the launch of a new seasonal variant, Martin Miller’s WINTERFUL Gin.

Inspired by the botanicals commonly used in home-made mulled wine recipes in both England and Iceland (where it is known as Jóla Glögg), this winter edition pays homage to the brand’s dual heritage, which sees its English distilled gin blended with the purest Icelandic spring water for its signature smooth taste and soft mouth feel.

The gin is created from Martin Miller’s Gin’s iconic twin-distilled Original blend, a delicate balance of citrus and juniper. Botanicals associated with England and Iceland’s winter tastes – principally cinnamon and mandarin orange peel – are then added via a third distillation.

Martin Miller’s WINTERFUL Gin offers warm and complex flavours of cinnamon added with the edge of mandarin peel. Combined with the ever present aromas of Martin Miller’s Original Gin the result is a spirit of great complexity and depth, which can be enjoyed both hot and cold.

The launch of Martin Miller’s WINTERFUL Gin follows the success of its first-ever seasonal variant SUMMERFUL, which was released earlier this year in celebration of the brand’s 20th anniversary. In this landmark year, the vision was to create innovative new, superior quality gins, which still reflect the values of transformation, experimentation and pursuit of excellence for which the brand has been known since its inception.


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