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Year after year, and this makes it six vintages, ‘Lalomba Finca Lalinde rosado’ appears on the market at the beginning of Spring with its distinguished rosé cloak and the captivating personality of an exceptional vineyard plot located in the Sierra de Yerga.

Launching a single-estate rosé onto the market in 2015, with the purest possible expression and personality of its origin, was a declaration of intent reflecting the ambition of the new Ramón Bilbao cellar. This new 2020 vintage, which marks the sixth anniversary of this wine which stakes a claim for the new style of single-estate rosé wines, confirms that this has been the right path.

Finca Lalinde is one of our high-altitude vineyards growing on the rugged slopes of the Sierra de Yerga. It is home to 5.4 hectares of garnacha and viura, varieties which on these gentle slopes, exposed to the cierzo wind from the west, achieve a highly defined character and potential for expression. The calcareous soils, with a stony surface covering, accentuate the austere, profound character and a sensation of essential minerality.

The Finca Lalinde vines were planted in 1976, bush vines with a spacing of 1.50 x 1.70 metres. After more than four decades, these vines display total affinity with the natural values and microclimatic features of the spot.

The natural conditions of the vineyard ensure a slower ripening process and greater complexity and aromatic intensity, at the same time preserving a fresh sharpness which helps to maintain the virtues of this wine over time and a fresh-fruit character which is so much sought after in rosé wines.

In the bodega, the winemaking process is one of total respect for the raw material accompanied by the winemaking skills which allow all the complexity and personality of the grapes which ripen in the Finca Lalinde to be transferred to the wine. Making a rosado of these characteristics is the highest challenge an oenologist can face in the Bodega, “no wine is more difficult to make than a rosado, it needs care, rigueur and precision. The handling of the must needs to be gentle, avoiding aggressive methods which diminish the essence of the fruit with which we are working”, asserts Rosana Lisa, the winemaker responsible for this renowned rosado.

“From the first vintage we realised that fermenting in such a neutral material as raw concrete, which without masking the aroma profile that comes from the vineyard, allows oxygen to enter, helped to achieve purer wines, with more personality and greater resistance to the passing of time.”, concludes the project’s director.

Six successful vintages. Both national and international wine critics praise the rosados from the Bodega responsible for the single-estate wines of Ramón Bilbao.

Lalomba Finca Lalinde rosado’, has received the recognition and praise from the leading critics and influencers from the world of wine. It made its debut with the award for the best rosado wine from the DOCa Rioja in the ‘Rioja Special Report’ of the respected British MW, Tim Atkin. In its first vintage it also featured strongly in the Guía Peñín of the Best Wines from Spain, in the Guía Proensa and Guía Gourmets in which it was the highest scoring young rosado from Spain. “Each harvest has been different. The vintage factor is key in a single-estate wine like our rosado, but each year we have understood better, and this has been recognised by the press and the consumers, that, thanks to its character and longevity, the potential of this wine was a fantastic visiting card for the collection of wines that were still to appear”, states Alberto Saldón co-director of the project along with Rosana Lisa.


Lalomba expresses the authenticity of the vineyard with a collection of three wines from three estates which Ramón Bilbao, the parent cellar of Lalomba, has been studying and meticulously cultivating in different parts of Rioja for years: Finca Valhonta on the terraces of Villalba de Rioja (Rioja Alta); Finca Ladero and Finca Lalinde on the stark hillsides of the Sierra de Yerga (Rioja Oriental).

Some vineyards produce fruit which deserves to be bottled separately. Vines whose exclusive qualities shout out to be showcased: the sum of the soil, the microclimate, the continued commitment to traditional viticulture methods, altitude and the su­rrounding landscape, quality sustained over time. Lalomba springs from a deep-rooted know-how, from experience in growing, accurate technical analysis and a clear vision: that all the resources and winemaking processes come together to achieve the purest expression of the source vineyard.

And this is the peculiarity of each wine from Lalomba: Its origin, its surroundings, its landscape and the expression of authenticity that comes from the delicate and careful process performed by Rosana Lisa in this extolling of the pure character of each vineyard.

2020: The climatic year of an exceptional vineyard; Rioja Oriental.

In our zone with a greater Mediterranean influence, the harvest proceeded without problems. With little risk of the spread of fungi and a smaller quantity of rain.

Bud break began in mid march and became more widespread by the end of March. In general it was a rainy year, reaching levels similar to those recorded in the Rioja Alta, with 509.4 l/m2. There were also storms, such as on 16 March when 79.6 l/m2 were recorded on a single day. The rest of the precipitation was spread over the year, but in particular in the spring. The main challenge in this zone was to manage the high rainfall and atypical humidity, especially in the case of organic cultivation methods. In our organic vineyard, we applied natural treatments with whey, which thanks to its drying properties, prevents the proliferation of fungi

As for temperature, the thermometers barely recorded any minus figures. The lowest recorded temperature was  -3.7ºC  on 14 January.

The summer, again hot, with high temperatures throughout reaching maximums of 35ºC during several days in July and August. This accelerated ripening significantly, with the first grapes of the earliest ripening varieties picked in mid August.

The first grapes harvested had greater imbalance with an unbalanced drop in acidity. The higher altitude zones, ripening later, ripened more gradually and in mid September we found thermal breaks of up to 20ºC in our vineyards, allowing us to work without stress for the plant and to reach the optimum moment of ripening at the right moment. 


Our most charismatic vineyards.- Finca Lalinde, Sierra de Yerga.

In Finca Lalinde, our earliest-ripening, purest garnacha vineyard, the cycle began on 22 March. After a mild, wet winter, the plants began to develop without problems. The cycle, with a high level of moisture, required careful management of the soil to help the accumulated water to drain correctly. A year with good canopy, good leaf condition, which helped to provide shade in both the garnacha and viura vines to preserve fresh aroma s and good acidity, so characteristic of Finca Lalinde.

415.2 mm of rain was recorded over the whole cycle, but especially during the spring.

Winkler Index: 1803.32 ºC/day

The grapes for the rosado were harvested on 19 September at dawn, with a cool end to the ripening period, something vital for preserving the primary aromas.


Active period of the vine in Finca Lalinde.

*Average monthly temperature and temperature of 10ºC which is the point at which the vine is active

Technical Data of the  Vineyard

  • Vineyard: Finca Lalinde / Monte Yerga. Rioja Oriental.
  • Climate: Continental moderated by the Atlantic influence.
  • A zone with high luminosity and ventilation.
  • Surface area: 5.4ha.
  • Varieties: 90% Garnacha, 10% Viura.
  • Training system: Goblet.
  • Orientation: North-South.
  • Spacing: 1.50 x 1.70.
  • Altitude: 520 m.
  • Year of plantation: 1976.


 Taste and personality in the rosado from Yerga.

Lalomba Finca Lalinde 2020’ is a rosado composed of 90% garnacha and 10% white viura grapes. “Fermented and aged on its lees in natural concrete it displays the essence and purity of a high-altitude vineyard. Deep, flavoursome, with mouth-wrapping finesse, its floral personality transports us back to its place of origin, the gentle slopes set in the rugged setting of  Yerga”,  declares its winemaker, Rosana Lisa.


Winemaking. Painstaking, delicate precision to preserve the pure character of the vineyard.

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