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Licor 43 Baristo - A unique liqueur based on tradition, taste, complexity and care

Licor 43 Baristo is made with a Canary Island coffee so singular that its mere existence is extraordinary

Coffee plantations at Agaete Valley are one of the very few plantations
remaining in Europe, making this a unique and groundbreaking product.

Spanish wine and spirits producer, Zamora Company, brings dynamism to the liqueur category with Licor 43 Baristo, an intense and complex drink.

Licor 43 Baristo is a fusion of Licor 43 Original, containing 43 natural ingredients, including one of a kind coffee from the Canary Islands. The result of this assemblage is a complex and elegant liqueur that delivers surprising, new flavours, but conserves the characteristic soul of Licor 43: freshly roasted coffee, in harmony with the botanic, citric, floral and vanilla notes of Licor 43 Original. It is a complex and sophisticated drink with a suprising new flavour and premium presentation, which is why it is not considered to be a coffee liqueur. Caring for Canary Island coffee plantations.
Canary Island coffee plantations are a wonderful rarity. Coffee plants need warm, humid and tropical weather. Yet Agaete Valley terrains are volcanic and rainfall is very scarce. In addition, the crops in Gran Canaria are located at low altitude, around 400 metres above sea level, compared to Arabica varietals which are normally found at around 800 metres.
The care of the environment in which these plants grow is unique, since its cultivation is possible thanks to the heat condensed under the shade of the fruit trees found in the valley: avocados, mangoes, papayas, oranges, grapefruit and other tropical fruits, under which the plant remains at between 16 and 18º C.

Julián Fernandez, Global Marketing Director Spirits at Zamora Company International explains, We have responded to consumer demands for a new type of liqueur and the growing trend in coffee, with the launch of Licor 43 Baristo. This is a drink like no other, which reflects the Zamora family's expertise in creating premium liqueurs and the 200-year tradition of coffee growing in the Canary Islands'. Each step of coffee cultivation at Agaete Valley requires both care and intention in order to obtain a very special coffee with its characteristic flavour of freshly roasted coffee aromas with a delicate touch of citrus, spices, notes of vanilla and dried mature fruit.

● Colour: clean, amber, brownish-golden.
● Aroma: freshly roasted coffee aromas with a delicate touch of citrus, spices, notes of vanilla and dried mature fruit.
● Palate: freshly roasted coffee with notes of dried fruits and chocolate mingling harmoniously with mature fruit and
subtle hints of citrus and vanilla.
● Perfectly served: pour straight over ice.



About Zamora Company

Zamora Company is a 100% family-owned Spanish company which produces and sells high added-value wines and spirits and strives to ensure customer satisfaction and build and develop premium brands.
With a presence in over 80 countries, Zamora Company boasts over 350 experienced international staff and an extensive portfolio of premium brands. With production facilities in Spain, Italy and the Dominican Republic, its annual turnover is €160 M.
Zamora Company owns world-class brands such as Licor 43, Bodegas Ramón Bilbao, Villa Massa Limoncello, Mar de Frades, Patxarán Zoco, Cruz de Alba and Thunder Bitch, in addition to the brands it distributes and in which it holds shares, that are part of the family business’s product portfolio including, among others, Martin Millers, Matusalem, José Cuervo Tequila and Bushmills.


About Licor 43

The Licor 43 brand was born as a premium Spanish liqueur produced in Cartagena, Spain, using a secret Spanish family recipe of 43 natural ingredients, which includes selected Mediterranean citrus fruits and botanicals. Cartagena remains the brand’s home and is the only place where Licor 43 and its range are produced. Today the Licor 43 range includes three products:

● Licor 43 Original was launched in 1946 and emits a bright golden glow and the perfect balance of ingredients deliver deliciously smooth layered flavours of vanilla, citrus, botanics and floral notes . Licor 43 Original has an ABV of 31%. It is perfect to enjoy alone, with or without ice.
● Licor 43 Orochata was launched in 2016 and is inspired by Horchata, the iconic, national drink of Spain. Based on
the traditional recipe from Valencia, Licor 43 Orochata is made with tiger nuts and fused with Licor 43 Original,
resulting in delicate, sweet Mediterranean flavours layered with tiger nuts, spice and citrus. Unlike traditional cream
liqueurs, it is vegetable-based and contains no cream, bringing a unique and fresh twist to the category. Licor 43
Orochata is best served over ice and it has an ABV of 16%.
● Licor 43 Baristo is a fusion of the essence of Licor 43 Original with rare coffee from the Canary Islands. The result of this coupage is the pleasant, freshly roasted coffee, in harmony with the botanic, citric, floral and vanilla notes of
Licor 43 Original. Licor 43 Baristo has an ABV of 31%. It is perfect consumed straight over ice.


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