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The World’s most awarded gin brand over the last 15 years, Martin Miller’s Gin, has received five new medals from the Beverage Tasting Institute.

The highly-respected independent drinks review source awarded Martin Miller’s Gin its highest accolade – the Superlative Platinum medal – for its Westbourne Gin, the Exceptional Gold Medal for both its Original and 9 Moons blends, and the Highly Recommended Silver Medal for its Summerful Gin and Winterful Gin.

Martin Miller’s Gin was the first super premium gin on the market when it launched 21 years ago, foreseeing the boom in the spirit’s popularity that has characterised the past two decades. These accolades from the Beverage Tasting Institute consolidate the position of Martin Miller’s Gin as the World’s most awarded gin brand of the last 15 years, following a run of 17 award wins over the past year and 171 Awards since 2004 across the Original, Westbourne, 9 Moons, Summerful and Winterful blends.

The Beverage Testing Institute provides product ratings and reviews, as well as buying guides and education for both consumers and trade. It has been providing the fairest, most consistent reviews of beer, wine, and spirits since 1981. Its scores are generated by expert panellists, comprising professional retailers, restaurateurs, journalists, buyers, bartenders, and sommeliers— all rigorously screened, audited and trained in its proprietary blind tasting methodology.

When Westbourne Gin – a favourite amongst mixologists looking to give a more ‘old school’ authenticity to their classic repertoire of cocktails – was first launched in 2003, the Beverage Testing Institute awarded it 97 points and declared it the best gin in the world and Spirit of the Year. In 2021, the gin has achieved the same score and therefore the highest accolade available – a Superlative Platinum Medal – showcasing how this gin has held its status as a true classic in the industry, with the four additional Awards testament to the way in which Martin Miller’s Gin has maintained its high standard across all new product developments.



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