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After months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially present the new Martin Miller’s Gin global website in English and Spanish, with local sites for Spain, Germany and Portugal.

You can visit us at

Our goal with this totally new website is to provide Martin Miller’s Gin consumers with a top-notch experience and present the unique brand story, products and cocktails with simplified, seamless and intuitive navigation all through the Martin Miller’s Gin universe.

This site is a perfect tool to communicate our new positioning FROM MADNESS TO GENIUS incorporating all the must-haves of today’s award-winning websites, such as a mobile-first experience, fully responsive design and a simple but modern set up.

Amongst the new features, the site contains SEO and voice-search optimization, simplified age-gate, auto-detect location, easy cocktail search, social media integration, contact form and a blog for SEO optimization.

The blog will be regularly updated with brand news starting with a reminder of the brand’s origins, a glimpse into the world of Dani Guindo an Iceland-based landscape photographer and also an interview with Nina Plowman about the brand’s relevance in the Art & Creativity world. Watch that space for more exciting news.

Every single detail of the website has been carefully animated and even the way we present what we are and what we do has a touch of madness and creative freshness.

At Martin Miller’s Gin we challenge status quo, transforming what we do into results and here is our new website!!

We hope you like the experience and enjoy visiting and that you will share your feedback with us!

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