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  • The game has more than 400 questions with different categories and difficulty
  • It will go on sale in November in a special pack with two bottles of Ramón Bilbao Reserva

 Who was the first civilization in Spain that started to commercialize wine ?; In how many provinces is the DO Ribera del Duero present ?; Why is it better to keep the wines horizontally? These are just some of the more than 400 questions in the "Spanish Wine Academy" board game, by Ramón Bilbao, a small trivia about the culture of Spanish wine to enjoy with friends.

This original board game will go on sale from November, and will be included in a pack of two bottles of Ramón Bilbao Reserva, where the consumer can find various questions framed in different categories: geography, terroir and varieties, science, curiosities or wine pairing.

The "Spanish Wine Academy" board game was born as a fun option to learn, as well as an excellent way to train in the wide world of Spanish wine. The questions include various degrees of difficulty, from the most technical (Why do polyphenols have a positive impact on wine?) to the most affordable (What is the most extensive DO wine region in Spain?), or those referring to wine history, or popular Spanish proverbs.

“With this game we try to make consumers and wine lovers aware of the varied and rich wine culture that Spain has to offer. We believe that it is a great way to get started in the world of wine, and to deepen and become an expert for those who are passionate about this” says Rodolfo Bastida, winemaker and director of the Ramón Bilbao Winery.

This activity is part of the Spanish Wine Academy project, with which Ramón Bilbao carries out extensive work to disseminate the culture of Spanish wine. Under this umbrella, Ramón BIlbao has promoted different training activities around Spanish wine through talks, tastings both inside and outside Spain, more specific articles in collaboration with the British magazine Decanter, or through a series of videos available on Ramón BIlbao´s  Youtube channel presented by the journalist Quique Peinado. All activities can be seen on the web

The pack of two bottles of Ramón Bilbao Reserva with the game will go on sale from November, with a RRP of 27 euros, and can be purchased in different food chains, Ramon BIlbao wine shop and the online Club Venturio portal.



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