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The list of the world’s 50 most admired brands from the Drinks International journal (“World’s most admired wine brands”),  the only magazine exclusively devoted to the international wine, spirits and beers markets, recognises the Rioja Bodega as one of the world’s 50 most admired brands.
In the list corresponding to the 2020 edition, Ramón Bilbao leads the list of bodegas from the DOCa Rioja –there are only 6 Spanish brands listed-, occupying 17th place in the world ranking and in addition, receiving the award for the biggest jump in the list, the “Highest Climber Award” (23 places better than in the previous edition).

This award reflects the consolidation of Ramón Bilbao’s big international commitment, which as well as being a benchmark in the Spanish market, (where it is the number 1 brand in the horeca channel, and the most sold brand in value terms), is seeking to reproduce its model of success in the rest of the world. Currently, Ramón Bilbao is also the brand with the biggest presence in the on-trade channel in the UK and is among the three highest selling Spanish brands in Russia. The US, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands and China are other key markets in the international expansion of the now almost one-hundred-year-old Rioja bodega.

In its assessment, Drinks International stresses the value of Ramon Bilbao’s sustainable viticulture and the strong commitment to the environment and rural development. In addition, it recognises the role of Rodolfo Bastida, Technical Director of Ramón Bilbao, in “offering a contemporary vision of Spanish wine without losing its roots and identity”. Furthermore, Drinks International endorses the Rioja cellar’s journey in supporting a winemaking method based on innovation and the unceasing pursuit of wines with a personality of their own, backed by a system of distribution and communication with the customer at the centre of its strategy and decision making.

World’s most admired wine brands.

'The World's Most Admired Wine Brands' ranking is drawn up from the results of surveying international trade experts (journalists and wine writers, consultants, winemakers, buyers, educators, analysts, sommeliers and Masters of Wine.), who are asked to select the wine brands they most admire on the basis of aspects such as quality, authenticity and brand image.

Each of them submits a vote for the 6 most admired wine brands with which they have no personal connection, according to the following criteria:

  • The wines must be of a consistent and increasing quality
  • Reflecting their region or country of origin
  • Responding to the needs and tastes of their target public
  • Successful distribution and packaging
  • The wine holds great appeal for a wide ranging demographic group

The official release of the list of the most admired brands has been with the publication of the April issue of the Drinks International journal which offers its readers a full and detailed report on the most influential and admired brands from the world of wine.

The publication of this list of 50 influential brands is an annual landmark in the wine industry and establishes the most respected independent thermometer in the sector. A selection in which you can find wineries from Argentina, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, France, Italy, the United States, Canada, South Africa, the Lebanon and Spain, and which places Ramón Bilbao in the Top 3 most admired Bodegas in Spain.


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