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Chapter 4 of the SPANISH WINE ACADEMY series is now on the air. A program whose objective is to educate about winemaking culture,  showing the quality and diversity of Spanish wines, in a global and transversal way through different activities, programs and tools.

After the success of the first 3 chapters published in 2020 (with thousands of views), the forth episode can now be seen on  and on Ramón Bilbao's YouTube channel, (subtitles in English and Russian available!).

The videos, directed by Spanish comedian and presenter Quique Peinado, aims to answer the questions that any consumer asks when enjoying a wine. In a colloquial way this program will address, among other curiosities, specifications of the different denominations of origin in Spain, differences between the main grape varieties or pairing tips. In this second chapter we will discover new concepts on oenology and we will see the secrets of the elaboration of some of our wines.

Spanish Wine Academy by Ramón Bilbao, an ambitious and innovative project that strengthens the knowledge of Spanish wine,  that will continue over the next few years. We invite you to see it!

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