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Mar de Frades once again positions itself on the fashion scene with the launch of a new exclusive limited edition. The Spanish firm The 2nd Skin Co., Antonio Burillo and Juan Carlos Fernández, creators and owners of the company, will be responsible for dressing the iconic Mar de Frades blue bottle in 2020.

With this new collaboration, the winery continues to take a firm foothold in the world of fashion and culture, pursuing an initiative begun in 2011. Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada with Cosima Ramírez, Jorge Vázquez, Alvarno, Duyos, Luby Lab, Miguel Palacio or Ana Locking have been some of the Spanish designers who have put their creativity into previous editions creating unique and personal designs, in-keeping with the avant-garde and unconquerable character of the winery.

On this occasion, The 2nd Skin Co. is responsible for capturing the brand's creative universe in an image that illustrates the iconic blue bottle of the most unique Albariño. The firm has a clear philosophy anchored in the current fashion world, its designs are a clear example of this, with a timeless conception, accessible to the world of luxury and in perfect harmony with artisan couture. The feminine designs that are committed to the exquisite fabrics, sophisticated patterns and a delicate confection are all developed manually ​​in line with the values and philosophy of Mar de Frades.

Paula Fandiño, Winemaker of Mar de Frades, says “we are very excited about this collaboration with The 2nd Skin Co, a firm that shares some of the values ​​that define the winery, our attention to detail, commitment and daring".

Antonio Burillo and Juan Carlos Fernández, The 2nd Skin Co, declare that “the project we are facing is especially exciting for us. It is a challenge for us to transfer our ideas and creativity to a bottle of wine. A different type of model that makes this project with Mar de Frades especially exciting and attractive”.

The two designers are immersed in the creative process to dress the elegant blue bottle of Mar de Frades, which will hit the market from November 2020, with a collection of 30,000 bottles in total and at a price of 15,05 €.

Mar de Frades thus strengthens its alliance with the world of fashion with this new chapter. A direct relationship with some of the most prestigious Spanish designers that this year was reinforced with the presence of the winery in the last edition of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, where Mar de Frades was the official wine at this annual event for fashion lovers. With its unconquerable character, Mar de Frades has also been present in multiple events related to the avant-garde, art and fashion in recent years.


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