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The family business ZAMORA COMPANY, creator and distributor of brands such as Licor 43, Ramón Bilbao, Martin Miller's Gin, Lolea or Mar de Frades, reformulated its Conscious Company model, with the aim of developing a social innovation strategy that has an impact on the company's income statement and also on the socio-economic and natural environment. In short, a business model aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda and with three key lines of action: commitment to the planet, empowerment of employees and shared value with the social community.

The company set out its Conscious Company strategic plan for the three-year period 2020-2022 and now presents its first activity report for the past year. This document sets out the more than 70 actions carried out by the company in 2020. Despite the obvious economic difficulties generated by the effects of the pandemic, Zamora Company will invest a total of 6.7 million euros in the period 2020-22, with 5.5 million euros invested in the first two years.

The report includes the company's achievements in relation to the SDGs of the family business based in Cartagena (Murcia), especially those relating to the reduction of emissions, the employment situation of employees and social aid and the hospitality sector in the context of the crisis caused by the pandemic.

José María de Santiago, Chairman of the Board of Zamora Company, points to employee care as one of the group's achievements in 2020. For De Santiago, the safety and protection of employees in times of pandemic "has been a maxim". He explains that "we applied teleworking immediately and from home we were able to continue betting on the continuity of the business, the safety of the people and the guarantee of maintaining employment". 

In turn, Emilio Restoy, General Manager, points out that "this unexpected situation has offered us the possibility of becoming a more flexible and efficient company on an operational level, despite the difficulties, but above all, it has reinforced our purpose of being a Conscious and Consistent Company that makes us focus on the search for efficiency and constant operational excellence as a maxim". 

"Commitment to the Planet": Less emissions, less waste and more green energy

Among the milestones in environmental protection, the reduction of waste generated by the Zamora Company brands by more than two tonnes stands out. Likewise, the parent company's subsidiaries have prevented the emission of almost 28,000 kilos of CO2 into the atmosphere.

On the other hand, thanks to climate action programmes, the company has achieved its energy supply by consuming 60% of its needs from sustainable sources - 100% in the specific case of its Ramón Bilbao winery. The company has also implemented a sustainable logistics model and has reduced its water consumption by 2% compared to the previous year. 

In this regard, the company has obtained important certificates such as WfCP (Wineries for Climate Protection), specific for the wine sector in terms of environmental sustainability by the Spanish Wine Federation, the BREEAM seal for sustainable construction by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and the ISO 14001 standard (detection and management of environmental risks) for several of the company's plants. Achievements include reduced wood consumption, the use of certified cardboard and 9,000 tonnes of raw materials sourced from local suppliers. 

"Employee Empowerment": stability, more equality and training

Secondly, its performance in the area of employment stands out, with 507 employees of 19 nationalities. Of these, 85% have permanent contracts and 98% of the workers have conditions backed by collective bargaining agreements. These figures undoubtedly reflect a firm commitment to stable employment. 

Female employment has increased to 35% of the total workforce, with management positions accounting for 16% of the total and 38% in middle management positions. The objective in the coming years is to move closer to full equality, and the company is therefore immersed in the development of its equality plan. 

Teleworking, which was already being promoted by Zamora Company, has been reinforced in 2020 with the signing of a teleworking agreement aimed at promoting work-life balance for employees, as well as regulating their rights when it comes to being more flexible. Among other actions, employees have been trained in teleworking as well as in other subjects (food hygiene, code of ethics or Sustainable Development Goals are some of them) for a better performance of the activity. 

"Consumers and Society”: Nearly 600,000 euros in aid to the hotel and catering industry in the face of COVID-19 

The Cartagena-based company devoted some 600,000 euros to the development of campaigns to support the hotel and catering industry in reopening premises after the effects of COVID-19. In addition to this, the company allocated 400,000 euros to a philanthropy plan, as well as promoting leisure and culture by sponsoring events through its brands. Collaborating with local society is one of its hallmarks, as well as making consumers aware of the need for moderation in consumption. In this way, Zamora Company endorses the promotion of 'Wine in Moderation' by the European Wine Federation, encourages 'Zero Consumption' by the Alcohol and Society Foundation, and promotes 'Minors not a drop', a programme by Espirituosos España. This is why the company allocates 2.5% of its annual profit to philanthropic actions.

Transparency and good governance

In addition to the three lines of action described above, the plan is based on three transversal levers: Transparency, Good Governance and Conscious Leadership

In Good Governance, the company joined the United Nations Global Compact last year, an initiative that promotes the implementation of policies for the promotion of sustainable development, human rights and business, labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption. Along these lines, the company has established risk policies and protocols. In addition, it has set up a remuneration and appointments committee and an audit and risk committee.

Legacy for the future

The achievement of these results reaffirms Zamora Company's intention to build a project that, as Esther Aguirre, spokesperson for the Zamora Company's Family Committee, emphasises, places value on the family culture that they have always promoted. "In this year 2021, our company celebrates its 75th anniversary and it is necessary to thank all those who continue with us, and those who are no longer with us, so that together we can continue to care for our Legacy of the Future for generations to come", said Aguirre about the prospects of the family business.


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