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Spain’s Zamora Company has relaunched its Conscious Business model for 2021 to take in new company-wide pillars of good governance, transparency and leadership.

The family-run firm, and owner of brands such as Ramón Bilbao wine from Rioja, Licor 43, Martin Miller’s Gin, Sangría Lolea and Mar de Frades from Rias Baixas, has the stated aim of becoming as sustainable as possible in order to leave a viable legacy for future generations.  The changes involve not only the company and its employees, but also suppliers, clients and partners all over the world.

The additions join the current targets in the Conscious Business manifesto of commitment to the planet, empowered employees and consumers and society are three additional company-wide gears: good corporate governance; transparency and dialogue with interest groups; and conscious leadership.  The aim is to make sustainability and responsibility an integral part the company’s business model.  All are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) so that Zamora Company can contribute locally to the global objectives set out by the 2030 Agenda.

The company’s good corporate governance not only aims to generate shared value, but in turn guarantees its ethical management in line with the strictest adherence to the law and an unwavering respect for human rights. In line with this, the company is in the process of joining the United Nations’ Global Compact initiative and committing to the ten principles it comprises.

Transparency is a crucial component of dialogue with different interest groups. These groups are the basis for the creation of shared value, which makes listening to them and communicating with them in an open and transparent way—and making the company’s commitments and achievements visible—a priority.

Zamora Company endeavours to practise conscious leadership, taking on a role that influences, inspires and shares knowledge, facilitating effective collaboration and positioning itself as a leader in sustainability.

Zamora Company has long committed to the fight against climate change with both Ramón Bilbao in Rioja and Mar de Frades in Galicia holding Wineries for Climate Change certificates, and some of its business outposts already using 90% renewable energies; the Licor 43 plant in Cartagena was also awarded BREEAM certification for its design and construction.

Support for people and society has also long been integral to the business: in 2020, over €400,000 was donated to those in need and the “a toast at home today for a toast in the pubs tomorrow” helped the service sector.  Brand-specific social sustainability initiatives - a result of the innovation at the heart of Zamora Company - include the launch of a vegan version of Licor 43 Horchata and the low alcohol RTD from Licor 43, Cocktail 43 Fresco.

CEO Emilio Restoy comments, “All of our work here comes from one single ambition.  Years ago, we understood that our activity is linked to the natural and social surroundings in which we operate.  Now, and as a family company, we are bringing all of our efforts together towards a common goal: to achieve a sustainable business model that will be our future legacy for society, and for the planet.”

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