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Zamora Company, remains faithful to its strategy of innovation, with new additions to the portfolio in line with consumer trends and demands. Last year, despite the exceptional situation, the family company from Cartagena continued to work on its strategy of investment and adaptation to changes in consumer habits, launching more than 8 new references globally, including Lalomba de Ramón Bilbao, RTD Cocktail 43 Fresco, RTD Carajillo 43 in Mexico and Lolea Garnacha.

This year, in a bid to adapt to consumer demands and reach a wider and more varied public, as well as satisfying consumer trends with its selection of brands, the company is continuing its commitment to innovation with up to 7 new launches focused on providing agile and quality responses to market variables. Emilio Restoy, CEO of Zamora Company, explains that "the company's commitment to strengthening and reinforcing investment in innovation, we are convinced that it will be a determining factor in continuing to build the brand image and also a vehicle for recovery in the coming months".

The latest and one of the company's most outstanding innovations that has taken it a step further in the beverage sector is Lolea and the launch of its iconic Lolea Nº1 variety in a can. With a more refreshing formula and lower alcohol content, Lolea has entered the fashionable wine spritz category, with a format that is ideal for enjoying as an aperitif.

This Mediterranean aperitif has been made with a unique artisan recipe based on red tempranillo and cabernet sauvignon grapes, natural orange and lemon juice and a touch of cinnamon. Its carbonic touch brings freshness and joy, and its low alcohol content (5.5º) makes it the perfect drink for any occasion.

Ramón Bilbao, one of Zamora Company's most emblematic and renowned brands, in line with its characteristic commitment to the environment, has launched its first line of organic wines. The Organic range is the culmination of a commitment to sustainability, which is a further step in its journey as a conscientious company. It is made up of two varieties, Ramón Bilbao Organic Rioja 2019 is a DOCa Rioja wine made with Tempranillo (80%) and Garnacha (20%) from the brand's seven hectares of organic vineyards located in Monte Yerga (Rioja Oriental).

While the Ramón Bilbao Organic Rueda 2020 is a wine made from the Verdejo variety that also comes from the organic vineyards of Finca las Amedias, where they have 14 hectares of organic cultivation at an altitude of 700 metres above sea level, on soils poor in organic matter.

In the spirits category, Martin Miller's Gin celebrates the summer season with a new launch of Martin Miller's Summerful Gin. This seasonal edition is indeed a tribute to the brand's dual origins and to all the good things about summer. It stands out, above all, for its freshness. Arctic thyme brings floral notes to the lemon and balsamic aromas found in the rosemary and, together, they blend with the classic balance of citrus and juniper of Martin Miller's Gin to compose a result that knows no precedent.

Villa Massa Amaretto, of Italian origin, is another of the innovations that have been added to the Zamora Company's portfolio, thus expanding the Villa Massa range of liqueurs. A new production whose main ingredient is high quality almonds from Sicily, characterised by their thick, woody shell that protects the almonds, thus preserving their intense flavour. It is ideal for after-dinner snacking. 

Zamora Company is working on the launch of new products that meet consumer expectations, always in search of a better future legacy for society.

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