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The company reinforces its commitment in the field of sustainability with an investment of 648,000 euros

Zamora Company strengthens its strategic commitment to corporate social responsibility. The company maintains a notable commitment to CSR as part of its business DNA, highlighting its investments in environmental sustainability.


The company has intact its values ​​as a family company in its third generation, and it aims to continue developing its activity, ensuring a lower environmental impact and helping to create a much more sustainable planet. Therefore, it has identified and evaluated the most significant environmental aspects and impacts of its activity. A strategy that has become a fundamental pillar for the company and in which it has invested in the 2016-2018 period a total of 648,000 euros.


These actions are transversal to all its brands, including industrial production systems, commercial activities, employees and customers.


The strategy in social responsibility focuses on 4 lines of action: low emissions to the atmosphere, energy consumption, water management and waste management.


Zamora Company, which has its facilities located in different geographical locations in Spain, has implemented its action plans according to the specific needs of each of them. In Haro (La Rioja) where Bodegas Ramón Bilbao are located, Zamora Company has implemented 4 plans aimed at reducing waste, water consumption, emissions and energy.

In 2016, a new efficient treatment plant was installed to generate 20% less sewage sludge discharges within 4 years and. Today, the reduction is 93.2%. With the aim of significantly reducing water consumption by 20%, several action plans in the coming years will be implemented, such as technological improvements in cleaning processes, sectorization of consumption to carry out specific actions and awareness and training sessions to the employees.


A good example of Ramón Bilbao's commitment to sustainability and the environment is demonstrated by the Wineries for climate protection certificate. It is the first and only certification for the wine sector, backed by the Spanish Wine Federation, which recognizes and endorses methodologies that respect international parameters in terms of sustainable processes and practices.


On the other hand, linked to the measurement of the Carbon Footprint, it is intended to achieve a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions by replacing solid fuel boilers with biomass boilers.


Also in Licor 43 Cartagena

In Cartagena, headquarters of Liquor 43 facilities, it has been possible to reduce electricity consumption by 5% from 2016 to 2017 thanks to training and personnel awareness actions, thermal insulation of the building, technological improvements implemented in the manufacturing process of liquor and the proper maintenance of solar panels. All this is part of the Enering Life + Project, which has also invested in a biomass boiler that produces hot water used for the air conditioning of factory areas. The use of wastewater is 100% being used for irrigation, as well as rainwater collected through rafts.


"In general terms of sustainability we have implemented sustainable purchasing criteria in all our brands, betting on proximity suppliers with environmental certification and low use of plastics and cardboard in packaging. Awareness and training actions have also been developed for the crew" says Carmelo San Martín Gil, Corporate Manager of Quality and Environment of the company.


Among Zamora Company future plans is to be able to implement all these improvements in each of its facilities and wineries, with the aim of increasing its commitment to sustainability, from its production to commercialization.


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