Consumer oriented

The needs of our consumers are a great source of inspiration. We take their preferences into consideration when making decisions, as they are, to a great extent, the compass that guides our path as a company. Their major value also makes us aware of the importance of looking after them as well as benefitting the local communities that have seen us grow and have nurtured us with needed resources.



Position the consumer and society at the centre of our decisions as a Conscious Company.

Listening and social attention policy

Policy for satisfied conscious consumers

Social involvement policy on local communities


How can we make this commitment a reality?

We listen to the needs of our consumers and society to increase our performance capability by:

  • Researching their motivations and needs.
  • Offering high-level training grants.
  • Developing our job placement programme and meeting basic needs.

We respond to the demands of the most discerning and conscious customers, aiming to maximise their satisfaction by:

  • Promoting responsible consumption alongside FEBE and FEV.
  • Carrying out satisfaction surveys and improving our customer service process.
  • Promoting a culture of comprehensive quality and food safety.

We strengthen our social involvement in local communities by:

  • Contributing to the preservation of the cultural and social legacy of our communities.
  • Developing social actions with local entities and making donations.
  • Establishing agreements with educational institutions.

We give back to society through acts of philanthropy.

  • We hold agreements with universities and offer grants to promote training.
  • We support social development by aiding in nutrition, job placement and training for disadvantaged groups.

Where do we currently stand?

The needs of our consumers and society are the foundation of our achievements.

Our impact on consumers and society

We offer our employees and customers high-level training in food quality and safety.

We are launching innovative, more natural products with lower alcohol content.

  • Licor 43 Horchata, 100% plant based and lactose-free.
  • Lolea Garnacha, the organic variety.

In collaboration with FEBE and FEV, we develop and promote initiatives to raise awareness of responsible consumption, such as:

  • Advertising self-regulation system.
  • Wine in Moderation programme.
  • Consumption prevention amongst minors and during pregnancy.
  • Drinking and driving prevention.

We allocate 2.5% of our net earnings to philanthropic social action

Where are we headed?

We know where we are headed and the path we want to follow.

Our next steps

Continue developing our philanthropic and social innovation programmes.

Innovate by expanding our portfolio with vegan, light and lower alcohol content products.

Bolster the communication of our Conscious Company vision.

Develop a protocol with guidelines for the client to share with consumers on how to enjoy wine responsibly.

Continue promoting responsible consumption alongside FEBE and FEV.

Establish criteria for sustainable procurement.

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