Ethical Code and
Whistleblowing Channel

A company must not only have strong values, but also to act accordingly. This obligation involves its leaders and its employees as a whole, with the ultimate goal of ensuring ethical and responsible business management practices. Such practices contribute decisively to the company’s activity generating value for all its stakeholders.



To reinforce our identity and to carry out our work as a company with integrity and responsibility towards society, all Zamora Company professionals are guided by the Code of Ethics and Conduct and corporate policies. Here are the principles and behavior guidelines to be followed by all of those who are a part of this team.

Code of ethics and conduct

"ZC Code of Ethics and Conduct.pdf"

April 2022

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Be aware of our whistleblower channel

We have a strong commitment to regulatory compliance, our internal rules and regulations, and our Code of Ethics and Conduct. If you believe that you have identified any irregular or against these rules behavior, you report it confidentially through the following link:


* The Whistleblower Channel platform is available in the following languages: Spanish, English, German and Italian. Incidents may be reported in any of them. The data of the incidents and complaints will be treated confidentially by Zamora Company as established in our investigation procedure

Whistleblower channel

"ZC Integrity Line.pdf"

April 2022

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