Employee driven

Our employees know us and our mission better than anyone. This is why we give them the leading roles in the initiatives and projects that we launch to shape our Conscious Company model. They are the cornerstones of the day-to-day at Zamora Company, and their voices, ideas and actions assume maximum importance when it comes to making our future legacy a reality.



Empower our employees to lead the transition towards the Conscious Company model.

Pro-employee policy involved

Conscious reconciliation policy

Sustainable communication policy

Labor policy for well-being

Policy for professional and social development

How can we make this commitment a reality?

We promote conscious communication by listening to our employees:

  • Evaluating their level of satisfaction and the work atmosphere.
  • Responding to their needs.

We encourage intrapreneurship amongst our employees, the drivers of the company’s social innovation, by:

  • Supporting the development of collaborative projects.

Facilitating a conscious work-life balance, a social necessity that entails a two-way commitment:

  • Implementing our paternity, maternity and family care support programmes.
  • Allowing for telecommuting and flexible hours

We are building healthy workspaces to foster wellness by:

  • Investing in protective equipment.
  • Supporting our team in their personal lives.

We empower our employees to be able to contribute and make a positive impact by:

  • Incentivising sustainable behaviours such as conscious transport or recycling.
  • Making them ambassadors of responsible consumption.
  • Training in irregularity prevention as well as ethical and regulatory compliance.

We encourage the professional and social development of our team by.

  • Launching individual training plans.
  • Introducing our goal fulfilment management system.

Where do we currently stand?

Our ambition to be a great company to work for has allowed us to achieve major accomplishments.

Our social impact

More than 500 professionals with a very culturally diverse structure

40% female representation

A consolidated staff, 85% of employees having permanent contracts

We have achieved the 2019 Great Place to Work Spain certification.

Many of our employees opt for telecommuting or combine it with on-site work.

We offer an ongoing training plan, providing close to 10,000 training hours annually

Where are we headed?

We know where we are headed and the path we want to follow.

Our next steps

Being in the TOP 5 of the best companies to work for among Spanish companies in our sector.

Offer all of our employees the option of telecommuting and flexible hours.

Approach the 0 accidents goal.

Teach about our vision as a Conscious Company through internal communication.

Launch a procedure to compile and implement innovative ideas from our employees.

Increase the presence of women.

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