Committed to the planet

The ecosystem conservation is our responsibility. This is why we are working alongside our vendors and customers towards production and distribution that respect our planet and its people. At Zamora company, we aim to conserve what we have today in order to continue enjoying it tomorrow.



Succeed in creating our products sustainably, protecting the environment and contributing to equitable socio-economic development.

Conscious provider policy

Sector alliances to do good business

Policy to raise awareness among employees and customers about local communities

Production policy respectful of our planet and people

Policy to support local communities

How can we make this commitment a reality?

We produce our products while respecting the planet and its people by:

  • Making optimal use of natural resources.
  • Promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.
  • Reusing, recycling and managing our waste.

We raise awareness amongst our partners and customers in order to involve them in our commitments by:

  • Promoting social involvement alongside our vendors.
  • Developing training initiatives for vendors and customers.

We create industry partnerships as a good business practice through joint enrichment:

  • Working on a co-creation programme with other industry businesses through FEBE and FEV*.

*FEBE: Spanish Spirits Federation; FEV: Spanish Wine Federation.

We support the communities where we operate by:

  • Prioritising local vendors.
  • Developing activities that favour our communities, such as the use of raw materials with certificates of origin.

Where do we currently stand?

We are working to be increasingly more respectful of the environment.

Our environmental impact

We are backed by our certifications:

  • ISO 14001.
  • Wineries for Climate Protection (WfCP).
  • BREEAM International Certification. This achievement recognises us as trailblazers for the design and sustainable construction of our new Cartagena plant.

70% of the energy we consume comes from renewable sources, through the purchase of green energy and biomass.

Our annual water consumption is just 2.1 L per litre produced, dropping to 0.8 L per litre produced at our Cartagena plant.

75% of our waste is recovered and given a new use.

We support local communities by producing our products with local ingredients: 100% Navarran sloes (G.I. Pacharán Navarro), Sorrento lemons and our designation of origin wines.

We apply environmental and social criteria through our Purchasing and Vendor Approval system.

Where are we headed?

We know where we are headed and the path we want to follow.

Our next steps

Raise awareness and train our employees in the application of measures to make our production more environmentally respectful.

Increase our own production of clean energy through the installation of new solar panels in further production plants and achieve self-sufficiency in terms of energy in our vineyards.

Reduce our water consumption in agricultural wine production and devise a programme to reutilise water resources.

Achieve zero dumping of waste water

Revive and maintain vineyards’ endemic ecosystems, developing activities to foster the flora and fauna associated with the crop and its environs.

Application of sustainable agriculture techniques in vineyard cultivation.

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