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Ramón Bilbao, one of the 50 most admired brands in the world according to Drinks International, continues on its journey towards sustainability. The almost century-old winery, based in the Riojan town of Haro as well as in Rueda (Valladolid), is proud to present its new image in a new push to become more environmentally friendly.

 A bold change that starts here, with the bottles of Ramón Bilbao Crianza, which will be extended to the brand’s other products over the coming months. The new packaging features a new ecological paper label made from 100% recycled fibers, with greater emphasis on its illustrative aspect, and frequent references to the adventurous, visionary spirit of its creator, Ramón Bilbao, who set out on a journey almost a century ago in search of making a wine with a unique and unmistakable style.

In addition, the bottle will be replaced with a lighter, more sustainable model, each one weighing 40 grams less, which translates to the reduction of its carbon footprint thanks to lower CO2 emissions. “Sustainability is a priority for Ramón Bilbao, which is why we have been implementing numerous programs and lines of action in response to climate change over the years. This new, lighter and more environmentally friendly proposal is a step further in our pursuit to be a conscious company and take responsibility for the impact we cause on the planet,” says Rodolfo Bastida, Technical Manager at Bodegas Ramón Bilbao.

Ramón Bilbao was the first Spanish brand to receive the Wineries for Climate Protection seal for both its wineries and vineyards, certification promoted by the Spanish Wine Federation that endorses the Riojan brand’s commitment to sustainability. It is also the only Spanish winery to be a founding member of the Sustainable Wine Roundtable initiative in the United Kingdom.

 New campaign: the journey begins here

El lanzamiento de esta nueva imagen coincide además con el inicio de la nueva campaña de la marca. Bajo el título de ‘El viaje comienza aquí’, cuenta con cuatro protagonistas de excepción que comparten los mismos valores que el propio Ramón BIlbao: La escritora María Dueñas, el chef Ignacio Echapresto, el cantante Pol 3.14 y el actor Juanlu González protagonizan el vídeo principal de la campaña, mostrando lo que para ellos implican comenzar un viaje.

The launch of this new look also coincides with the start of the brand’s new campaign. Under the name ‘The journey begins here’, it features four exceptional protagonists who share the same values as Ramón BIlbao himself: writer María Dueñas, chef Ignacio Echapresto, singer Pol 3.14 and actor Juanlu González, who all star in the campaign’s main video, in an expression of what starting a journey means to them.

Because a journey is much more than moving from one place to another: a journey can mean starting a life project, building your own dream, fighting for what you want, sharing something with the one you love or writing songs and stories that can go from being ours to belonging to the people. All this and much more can constitute a journey, and many journeys may just begin with the opening of a bottle of wine. “The journey begins here”, seeks precisely to illustrate that personal inner journey, through the experiences of its four protagonists, with a series of videos and stories available at

This campaign even has its own soundtrack, created and performed by the singer POL 3.14. The song The journey begins here’, available on all main music streaming platforms, speaks to all these journeys that await us when we uncork a bottle. Every journey, no matter how long, must start with a first step. For Ramón Bilbao, The Journey Begins Here.

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