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At Martin Miller's Gin we are pleased and proud to announce this week that the first deliveries of the new look Martin Miller's Original Gin are arriving in the brand's key markets.

Martin Miller's Original Gin was first created in its current format by Martin Miller and his co-founders in 2006. The packaging was innovative and striking in a pre-premiumized gin market.

It stood out in its tall transparent bottle underlining the brand's dual origin of England and Iceland and the transformative effect the split distillation of the earthy and citrus botanicals has on the final product also after blending with the planet's purest water from Iceland.

The packaging has stood the test of time with no notable modifications over the years.

We concluded in 2020 that it was time to apply today's packaging codes to this product which was beginning to look tired and a little outdated in a gin market which is full of dynamic and noise.

Therefore today we have reached the end of the first stage of Project Madness with the first deliveries of the evolved packaging of Martin Miller's Original Gin.

Presented in the same iconic bottle developed in 2006 the Martin Miller's Original Gin 2022 sees updated labels and screen printing to which we paid particular attention maintaining the key visual assets of this key quality of the Martin Miller's Gin range.

We have created a wave background effect in both the labels and the screen printing to symbolise the distillate and the water. Also we have given the labels a more frank blue and created a striking burgundy red brand seal in the neck label. Continuing to communicate the brand's dual origin is vital therefore the England-Iceland map is still visible.

Comparing the new packaging of Martin Miller's Original Gin with the old we can see that the differences are discreet but impactful. The brief of this packaging update was to make Original evolve and not radically change the visual assets for which the brand is recognisable. We had to work on visibility on-shelf and behind the bars. Evolution not revolution.

We thank all the team who supported this evolution - Innovation, Production, Logistics and of course the Sales teams who are preparing it's introduction.

We hope you join us in your belief that this new pack is an additional base on which we will continue to take Martin Miller's Gin forward.

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