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Verema, the online social community of reference for wine lovers, and the largest in the Spanish-speaking world, has awarded Lalomba Finca Ladero 2016 the prize 'Revelation Wine of the Year 2021’. The Verema Awards pay homage to the value contributed by institutions, companies, people and initiatives to the world of wine and the service industry throughout the year, who are chosen from among the candidates by the site’s users.

Precise expression of specific vineyards

The launch of Lalomba stems from a vision: to produce wines of the utmost authenticity, which are a faithful reflection of the viticultural virtues of their different origins. To achieve this, "the alliance between the vineyards and the bodega is of crucial importance," says Alberto Saldón, Director of the winery. 

Research and innovation as sources of knowledge.

Located in Haro (La Rioja), the winery is a new made-to-measure facility. Situated next to Ramón Bilbao, it has its own personality and team, independent from that of the parent company, constituting a workshop of precision and knowledge in the relentless pursuit of the purity and distinction of its fascinating vineyards. 

Exciting wines

From the knowledge of the terroir, from precision winegrowing, from the sophisticated and meticulous work at the winery, from the experience of creative hands… The fruit obtained from this search are these wines that demonstrate authenticity, harmony and life. The name of purity itself. Lalomba.


The altitude, the bright and pure surroundings, the nearby forests of Yerga: an exceptional place. 

The six hectares of Ladero extend over the foothills of the Yerga mountain range, very close to where the crop ends and the oak and pine forest begins. The site’s 720 metres of altitude offer an impressive panoramic view of the wide valley of the Ebro. The alluvial soils, with limestone substratum, and the balanced microbiota sustain the wild harmony that defines the vineyard. 

Planted on low trellises to protect them from the intensity of the cold north-east wind, the Tempranillo and Garnacha vines gain even more definition thanks to a unique blend of climatic influences: Mediterranean aridity meets the cool, humid nuances provided by the altitude and a gentle Atlantic breeze from the northwest.  

Lalomba Finca Ladero 2016, the wine

The energy of the countryside in a deep and stimulating wine

The combination of the varieties Tempranillo (80%) and Garnacha (20%) reflects the most refined identity of the Yerga mountain range. It is this harmony between deep character and authenticity that invites us into a world of wild flora; between invigorating acidity and vibrant juiciness. A luminous wine, of tangible complexity, full of energy and strength", says Rosana Lisa, Technical Director at the winery. 

Bodega Lalomba, the purity of the terroir.

Lalomba expresses the authenticity of the vineyard with a collection of three wines from three estates that Ramón Bilbao, Lalomba's parent winery, has spent years studying and cultivating with care in different locations in Rioja: Finca Valhonta on the terracing of Villalba de Rioja (Rioja Alta); Finca Ladero and Finca Lalinde on the steep slopes of the Sierra de Yerga (Rioja Oriental).

There are vineyards whose fruit deserves to be bottled separately. Vineyards whose unique elements claim to be valued: the soil and microclimate, the persistence of a traditional viticulture, the altitude and the environment, and quality sustained over time. Lalomba is born from well-founded knowledge, from experience in cultivation, from precise technical analysis and the clear vision that all the resources and winemaking processes will come together to achieve the purest expression of the vineyard of origin. 

And that is the particularity of each Lalomba wine: its origin, its environment, its landscape and the expression of authenticity provided by the delicate and rigorous winemaking carried out by Rosana Lisa in this claim to the purity of each vineyard. 

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