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Ramón Bilbao is approaching its 100th anniversary with a new milestone in its ongoing evolution. For the fourth consecutive year, the Haro-based winery has been included in Drinks International's list of the ‘50 most admired wine brands in the world’, a milestone that only two other Spanish wineries can boast to date.

Each year, a panel of experts including professionals from almost fifty countries choose the 50 most admired wine brands from among several thousand participants. The list includes internationally renowned wineries such as Château Pétrus (Bordeaux, France), Château d'Yquem (Sauternes, France), Antinori (Tuscany, Italy) and Mondavi (United States). Ramón Bilbao is one of the nine Spanish companies to participate in this year’s exclusive ranking, climbing 26 positions on the list in a single year, to reach 17th place.

"It is an honour for the entire Ramón Bilbao family to once again appear on the list of the 50 most admired brands in the world. Just belonging to this select club, which includes the most renowned wineries in the world, is an honour, and something we can hardly believe. At the same time, it is an enormous responsibility that encourages us to keep working to continue to be part of this list of highly admired brands", declared Ramón Bilbao’s managing director, Rodolfo Bastida.

Drinks International values Ramón Bilbao's efforts in sustainable winegrowing and its strong commitment to the environment and the development of rural areas. It also praises Rodolfo Bastida, managing director and winemaker at Ramón Bilbao, for "offering a contemporary vision of Spanish wine without losing its roots and identity". Drinks International also endorses the Riojan winery's track record in its commitment to winemaking based on innovation and the relentless pursuit of wines with their own identity, through communication and marketing with the customer at the centre of its strategy and decisions.

Worlds most admired wine brands.

The list of 50 brands was released today by Drinks International, a British magazine specialising in global trends in the world of wine, spirits and beer, with a highly knowledgeable readership in 84 countries around the world. The magazine was founded in 1972 and is one of the leading publications for the global wine market.

The ‘World's Most Admired Wine Brands’ ranking is compiled from surveys carried out among international wine professionals (wine journalists and writers, consultants, winemakers, buyers, educators, analysts, sommeliers and Masters of Wine), who are asked to choose the wine brands they most admire based on aspects such as quality, authenticity and brand image.

Each of them cast their vote on the 6 most admired wine brands (with which they have no association) using the following criteria:

  • Wines of consistent and ever-increasing quality
  • Wines that reflect their region or country of origin
  • Wines that respond to the needs and tastes of their target audience
  • Wines that have successful distribution and packaging
  • The wine is highly attractive to a broad demographic group

The list of the most admired brands was officially announced with the release of April’s issue of Drinks International Magazine, which offers its readers a comprehensive and detailed report on the most influential and admired brands in the world of wine.

Ramón Bilbao, a journey of passion and non-conformism

Ramón Bilbao was founded in Haro in 1924 and bears the name of a pioneer, Ramón Bilbao Murga, who had been selling wine in Las Cuevas street since the end of the 19th century.

The winery has continued a long-lasting tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation, and today continues to move forward as part of the family-owned Zamora Company, which it joined in 1999.

Today, Ramón Bilbao is an oenological reference in the world, which has gained the admiration of specialists, and is a sales leader our country’s on-trade. Its non-conformist spirit combines innovation and an eye for the terroir to make wines that speak of the environment in which they are made, while at the same time succeeding in appealing to consumers regardless of their knowledge. Ramón Bilbao currently owns wineries of the same name in Rioja and Rueda, as well as a boutique winery fully dedicated to the production of estate wines, Lalomba.

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