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With the spring/summer 2022 season on the horizon, Martin Miller’s Gin - the most awarded gin brand since 2004 - has released a new limited batch of its first-ever seasonal variant, Martin Miller’s SUMMERFUL Gin. Released on 21st April - the first day of summer in the Icelandic calendar - Martin Miller’s SUMMERFUL Gin is inspired by all things ‘summer’ and its main characteristic is freshness.

It’s a gin that is created from the iconic blend of Martin Miller’s Original Gin, a signature balance of citrus and juniper: a third distillation of botanicals from England and Iceland’s spring and summer seasons - Arctic Thyme and Rosemary - is added as a further homage to the brand’s dual heritage, which sees its English distilled gin blended with the purist Icelandic spring water for a silky, softer mouthfeel so recognised by Consumers and Trade. Arctic thyme brings a floral bouquet of flavour and distinctive earthy notes with hints of citrus and mint wonderfully mixed with the fresh flavour of lemon and pine aromas found in rosemary.

Try Martin Miller’s SUMMERFUL Gin Gin & Tonic:

Martin Miller’s SUMMERFUL Gin & Tonic

- Martin Miller’s SUMMERFUL Gin: 50ml

- (Fever Tree) Indian Tonic: 150 ml

- Garnish: Wedge of pink grapefruit & rosemary sprig

Martin Miller’s SUMMERFUL Gin & Tonic accentuates the original citrus identity and brings the botanical addition of Rosemary and Arctic Thyme to the forefront of the flavour profile.


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